1. How many neighborhood cook-offs do you anticipate holding?

We did not specify a number, but the proposal must address the requirement to involve all of Flint at the neighborhood level.

2. Do you already have partners in Flint who have agreed to be part of the project?

There are no formal agreements, but there are commitments from various community partners to participate and assist. The selected vendor will be connected with those partners after the awarding of the contract.

3. Can you define “relevant event-related partners” as it pertains to the proposal (page 4, #3.3)?

People or entities whose expertise, work, geographic location, mission or community position may be relevant to meeting proposal selection criteria and the project requirements.

4. Can you confirm that the budget which is required in the proposal (Section 3.3) is only for fees and expenses of the contractor?

The budget required in the proposal is for contractor fees and expenses as well as estimated event costs, with the provision that MFF will provide the web presence, some digital marketing support, and cover the cost of recipe nutrition analysis. Additionally, as recipes move through the progressive levels of cook-offs, MFF will provide event support for the final selection stages that include food.

5. Who will the MFF lead be for this project, including with regard to promotion?

Ben Kohrman

6. Media relations—Does MFF anticipate that it will be the primary lead for media relations, with the contractor designing the media plan? Can you clarify the roles?

Contractor will design the media plan in collaboration with, and with the approval of, MFF.

7. What registration parameters do you anticipate for these events? That is, will there be a fee to enter the cook-offs and/or to attend? Or, assuming registration is open to the public at no cost, will you still want some sort of pre-registration to attend the events? I’m making the assumption that there needs to be pre-registration to participate in the cook-off itself.

There should be no fee to attend or participate in the cook-off itself, however cook-off participants should be required to register. The transition through the final levels of the selection process may suggest increasing levels of registration.

8. Can you clarify Section 5 a bit more? Is this event budget expected only of the selected contractor—not part of the proposal, correct? It would be difficult to build a budget for the entire event without knowing the number and scope of the cook-offs and the venues you envision, so that’s the assumption I’m making, but want to be sure.

The proposal should include an estimated budget based on the vendor’s concept for the events. See response to Question #4

9. Is the $150,000 amount in Section 5 inclusive of the contractor’s fees and expenses, or only for the events themselves? What about the cookbook portion of the project?

The cookbook will be a separate project, to be managed by MFF, using  recipes that were part of the cook-offs. See response to Question #4

10. Will the contractor be involved with the cookbook portion of the initiative, or is that a separate project to be handled by MFF and/or a separate contractor? It would seem that, at a minimum, if a cookbook is to be part of the deliverables at some point, the cook-offs need to factor this in.

The cookbook will be a separate project to be managed by MFF, using  recipes that were part of the cook-offs.

11. Can a proposal response be developed as a partnership between entities/vendors with complementary skill-sets?

Yes, absolutely! The MFF values partnership efforts and welcomes creative proposals.

12) Recipe standards. Will MFF publish standards for recipes (i.e. standards) prior to the project start or is it looking for its vendor to craft suitable language?

a. MFF will work with the vendor and community partners to fine-tune recipe guidelines. Some of the selection criteria will include:

  • – Recipes should be consistent with USDA Dietary Guidelines For Americans
  • – Recipes should include fruit or vegetables (fresh, frozen, or canned). Whole grains, low-fat meats and dairy can be included as well
  • – Recipes should include ingredients that are: nutrient-rich, readily available, and budget-friendly
  • – We are particularly interested in recipes that are good or high sources of Calcium, Vitamin C, and Iron
  • – Recipes should be prepare-able by someone with limited cooking experience
  • – Recipes should include approximately 8 (or less) ingredients, with few specialty ingredients
  • – Recipes must comply with food safety guidelines (i.e. eggs must be cooked, allergens identified, etc.)

b. MFF will cover the cost of technical nutrition analysis for winning recipes

13) Standards: How specific should/will recipe guidelines be? As an example will MFF provide direction for recipes to be "low salt" or would more specifics be required?


a. See response to question #12

14) How is MFF defining "healthy recipes?" Is there a certain caloric content or ingredient guideline it is using as a baseline?

a. See response to question #12

15) Authentication: Many family recipes are difficult to authenticate and may have unknown origins (potential copyright restrictions). Is MFF seeking customary care against copyright/trademark restrictions or is it seeking a higher level of review and authentication generally included as a part of the pre-production process?

In the initial phases of the recipe contest MFF is seeking customary care against copyright/trademark restrictions. Recipes chosen for final phases of the cook-off and publication will be subject to a higher level of review and authentication.