The M2HL Update Portal is an online tool for entering SNAP-Ed program information including locations where programs are being delivered. The information entered is used to populate the Map to Healthy LivingTM, an online map displaying where SNAP-Ed programming is taking place throughout the state.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, agencies will be asked to select one representative to register for access to the M2HL Update Portal and enter their program information.

M2HL Update Portal Instructions This contains general instructions for using the M2HL Update Portal to complete and/or modify your program information.

Additional Instructions

Using the “Copy Program Locations” Feature This contains instructions for using the “Copy Program Locations” feature available in the M2HL Update Portal. This is especially helpful if your agency has conducted SNAP-Ed programming in the past and is programming at the same locations.

Questions? Contact Michelle LaFleche at, or call 517-908-3864.

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