Nutrition Education Reinforcement Items (NERI) are take-home items for participants that reinforce your SNAP-Ed programming. They include a variety of items promoting fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity. (See the order form to view the items.) NERI include SNAP-Ed core messages and are a no-cost resource available to MFF SNAP-Ed Partners. To place your order, complete the  NERI Order Form (updated on 1/9/17) and submit it to your MFF SNAP-Ed Project Manager. Please allow three weeks for processing and delivery. If you would like assistance determining the NERI best suited to your SNAP-Ed objectives, please contact your project manager.

Using NERI in Your SNAP-Ed Programming:

  • NERI must reinforce one of your SNAP-Ed objectives and align with specific lessons within an intervention.
  • NERI should not be distributed at every lesson. Pick one or possibly two NERI that are well-aligned with your lessons and distribute them at different times throughout your programming cycle.
  • NERI must be given to all participants and cannot be used as rewards or incentives for only some participants.

For additional information about NERI, see pages 44-45 of the FY 2017 of the Programming and Operations Manual.

SPECIAL NOTE: All MFF SNAP-Ed Partners using NERI must participate in the NERI evaluation which has two components:

  1. Survey cards should be distributed to participants (or parents/guardians of participants) who receive NERI. Once the survey is completed, participants will mail them back to MFF postage-paid. When you order NERI, please identify the number of survey cards you need.
  2. SNAP-Ed staff will be asked to complete an online survey. A survey link will be emailed toward the end of the fiscal year.