Civil Rights

Civil Rights training is mandatory each fiscal year for all frontline staff and those who supervise frontline staff through the Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) SNAP-Ed funding. “Frontline staff” refers to anyone who interacts with SNAP-Ed participants.

To meet this requirement:

  1. Complete the read-along FY 17 MFF SNAP-Ed Civil Rights Training, which is self-paced. Sites may choose to train as a group.
  2. After you have finished the training, return to this page to fill out and submit the required paperwork confirming your completion of this training. Nutrition educators and other SNAP-Ed implementers should submit this form to their local SNAP-Ed program lead. Local program leads should collect these documents from their staff and submit electronic copies to your MFF SNAP-Ed Project Manager. Original copies should be kept with your grant files.

Additional Resource: Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement for Nutrition Programs and Activities


Nutrition-Enhanced EPEC K-5

This training will provide the basics for implementing Nutrition-enhanced EPEC K-5 in the gymnasium. EPEC K-5 is a supplemental intervention supporting PE-Nut and other SNAP-Ed nutrition education.

Year-End Report

Completing the Year-End Report: EARS Data Table

This webinar will assist you in completing your SNAP-Ed year-end report – specifically the EARS data tables. It will be helpful when completing this report to have on hand 1) your SNAP-Ed program’s project summary; 2) year-end report for current fiscal year; 3) EARS data files for your participants; 4) calculator as needed; 5) the follow along document. These items can assist you in completing this report with ease. October 12, 2016

 Completing the Year-End Report: Interventions and Outcome Indicators

The purpose of this online training is to assist you in completing your SNAP-ED Year-End Report – specifically the Summary Table of FY16 Intervention & Outcome Indicators on page 7 of the Year End Report Template. Use the follow along document to guide you as you listen to the recording.

Year-End Progress Report Resources

Trainings hosted by the Michigan Nutrition Network at the Michigan Fitness Foundation welcome participants from MFF Partners, projects and others who work with SNAP-Ed. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in our trainings, please contact Mary Grill at (517) 908-3846 or