MFF prioritizes programming and interventions in places where peoples’ health and well-being are endangered by disruptions in normal, everyday routines. Crises may be natural or manmade and are defined by government officials and public perception. In many instances, nutrition education and physical activity promotion may help to lessen the health impact of such crises.

In Flint, direct nutrition education provided by on-the-ground SNAP-Ed Partners is being complemented and enhanced by community wrap-around initiatives that facilitate community participation in a transformative approach to nutrition education and healthy eating habits. Initiatives include a community-led cook-off and cookbook and Flint 365, an interactive mapping application that showcases local healthy eating and physical activity opportunities.

In Detroit, Michigan Harvest of the Month (MiHOTM) resources and materials that highlight seasonal fruits and vegetables and how to prepare them are being used in high-need schools to reinforce the healthy messages that students are learning in SNAP-Ed classes provided by local and regional Partners.