With Ready or Not to Eat Well and Be Active MFF offers two online prevention programs for English and Spanish speaking adults: Healthy Eating and Regular Physical Activity.  Participants can use the programs at their convenience anywhere—from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer—to make progress at their own pace when they are ready.

Each program contains two parts:

  • A computer-personalized intervention with questions and feedback tailored to each person’s needs (just like having a coach in the computer)
  • A personal activity center with dynamic web activities matched to the participant’s readiness to change. For example, a flip book linking physical activities to exercise interests, food label mini games, and tips on how to make healthy choices on a budget and how to make a healthy eating plan for your kids.

Eat Well promotes the adoption of a pattern of eating that allows individuals to maintain a healthy weight; encourages the consumption of fruit and vegetables, as well as healthy nutrients from a variety of food groups; and encourages the limitation of unhealthy ingredients.

Be Active assists adults in moving through the stages of change for exercising regularly for at least 150 minutes per week at a moderate intensity level, or 75 minutes per week at a vigorous intensity level, or a combination equal to 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week.