Training is an important component of the support MFF provides for SNAP-Ed Partners across Michigan. Online training offers efficiencies of staff time and travel and provide 24/7 viewing options to offer flexibility in meeting the varied schedules of SNAP-Ed implementers. It also allows viewers to watch them multiple times, pausing for note-taking or practice.

A variety of trainings are offered in the online format. Review the categories below to view available trainings offered to support your SNAP-Ed programs.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights training is mandatory each fiscal year for all frontline staff and those who supervise frontline staff through the Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) SNAP-Ed funding. “Frontline staff” refers to anyone who interacts with SNAP-Ed participants.

To meet this requirement:

  1. Complete the read-along FY 2019 MFF SNAP-Ed Civil Rights Training, which is self-paced. Sites may choose to train as a group.
  2. After you have finished the training, return to this page to fill out and submit the required paperwork confirming your completion of this training. Nutrition educators and other SNAP-Ed implementers should submit this form to their local SNAP-Ed program lead. Local program leads should collect these documents from their staff and submit electronic copies to your MFF SNAP-Ed Project Manager. Original copies should be kept with your grant files.

Civil Rights Training Confirmation FY 2019
Civil Rights Training Confirmation FY 2019

Additional Resource: Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement for Nutrition Programs and Activities


Nutrition-Enhanced EPEC K-5

This training will provide the basics for implementing Nutrition-enhanced EPEC K-5 in the gymnasium. EPEC K-5 is a supplemental intervention supporting PE-Nut and other SNAP-Ed nutrition education.

Your feedback is very important to us. After you complete the online training please return to this page and complete a brief survey.

Map to Healthy Living Update Portal

This online training will provide instructions for using the new Map to Healthy Living (M2HL) Update Portal. The full training is available for viewing as well as chapters focusing on registration, editing agency information, adding/modifying/removing program locations, editing agency locations, and accessing help/support information.

SNAP-Ed 101

At this webinar (recorded live on 10/2/18), you will learn the building blocks of SNAP-Ed programming, SNAP-Ed guidance, and program monitoring. This training is required for organizations new to SNAP-Ed in FY 2019 and new lead program and finance staff at other organizations. The full webinar is available for viewing as well as chapters focusing on specific sections of the webinar.

If you are required to participate in this training and did not attend the live webinar, you need to watch “SNAP-Ed 101 FY19 – All” or each of the individual chapters. and submit the Confirmation of Completion form to your MFF SNAP-Ed Project Manager upon completion.

Topic Tastings

Topic Tastings are short trainings on a variety of topics. Revisit this page to find additional topics added throughout the year.

Michigan Fitness Foundation SNAP-Ed trainings welcome participants from MFF Partners, projects, and others who work in SNAP-Ed. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in training (in-person, online, etc.), please contact us at (517) 347-7891 or .