Rec‐Connect™ is a multi-level intervention connecting participants to opportunities within their environment and social structure to be physically active, helping to change their attitudes, beliefs and self-efficacy regarding physical activity. Rec-Connect supports local partnerships by connecting physical activity education with opportunities to practice the activity in the community. One time physical activity demonstrations link program nutrition messages to promote healthy active living. The Michigan SNAP-Ed social marketing campaign “They Learn From Watching You…BE ACTIVE and Your Kids Will Too” is utilized to contribute to changes in social and cultural norms around physical activity.

Rec-Connect is implemented in multiple phases. Assessing, preparing, and supporting physical activity within a community. Through identification of local physical activity opportunities, direct education (with local resource connection), and a final physical activity community assessment, Rec-Connect contributes to policy, systems, and environmental changes that encourage physical activity by making it the easy choice and part of daily life.